General Rules:

Have fun! Be a good player.
People with injury/medical condition, pregnant or suffering any other form of physically limiting illness are not recommended to play.
Wear the equipment properly at all times per directions. Please keep head / hands inside the bubble suit while playing.
Do not tackle a person who is not in a bubble suite.
Do not kick or tamper the bubbles on purpose.
Respect the venue and the equipment(s). California Bubble Soccer is not liable for any damages done to the venue. If any damages are done to California Bubble Soccer's equipment due to negligence, additional charges may apply.

What to wear:

All players should wear appropriate sports clothing and tennis shoes to minimize risk of injury.
All personal belongings such as a keys, watch, pointy rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces should be taken off. California Bubble Soccer is not responsible for any lost/ damaged items.
CLEATS are not allowed as they may puncture the bubble suit. Instead, you can wear tennis shoes or play barefoot.
Contact lenses are ideal and prescriptive swimming goggles are an option. Corrective glasses / sunglasses are not recommended as this is a contact sport; these can puncture the bubble and also may cause injury to yourself.
Knee pads may be preferred by players. So when you fall, you would be rolling onto your knees to get up.
For those with long hair, please wear hair tie.

Before the game:

Each player is required to sign the waiver prior to the game.
Take off personal belongings such as jewelry and any other sharp objects before the game.
No alcohol drug consumption before or during the game.
We will give a short rules/safety briefing before the game starts, all players are required to arrive on time. Any player who has missed the safety briefing will need to notify us before joining the game.

During the game:

Do not bump into players who are already on the ground.
Do not play over-aggressively. Our referees will impose these rules strictly.
Listen to the whistle from the referee to stop/start the game.


Bring enough drinking water.
Bring sun protection for your outdoor games.